The need for human resource development programmes in nuclear security was underlined at several International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conferences and Board of Governors’ Meetings. Successive IAEA Nuclear Security Plans, the most recent of which was agreed by the Board of Governors in September 2009, give high priority to assisting States in establishing educational programmes in nuclear security in order to ensure the sustainability of nuclear security improvements.

The current Nuclear Security Plan covering 2010-2013 emphasizes on the importance of considering existing capacities at international, regional and national levels while designing nuclear security academic programmes.

As a member of IAEA’s International Nuclear Security Education Network, the ISS is an academic partner for the IAEA in implementing nuclear security education with a deep understanding of nuclear security education and training concepts.

The mission of INSEN is to enhance global nuclear security by developing, sharing and promoting excellence in nuclear security education.

INSEN Membership

At this stage the INSEN membership is informal and open to any educational and research institution already involved or, that plans to be involved in nuclear security education in the future. The INSEN membership is open to any competent authority that is interested or involved in nuclear security education. The INSEN membership can be requested by an authorized representative of any educational or research institution, or an authorized representative of competent authorities.

Pictures of the INSEN Meetings: