International Conference on Nuclear Security 2020, Vienna, Austria

From 10-14 February Dmytro Cherkashyn and Tim Dalhöfer attended the IAEA’s Nuclear Security Conference 2020 where experts and government representatives for nuclear security met under the slogan “Sustaining and Strengthening Efforts”. Central topics to both technical sessions and high-level plenaries were new and emerging technologies and their impact on the nuclear security field, as well as national experiences with the implementation of nuclear security regulations. This year, great importance was lend to computer security, which came up in the discussions of many technical sessions.

9th Hydropower Plant Digitalization Forum, Berlin/Germany

Guido Gluschke held a talk on Cyber Security Strategy in Energy at the 9th Hydropower Plant Digitalization Forum that took place from 4-5 December in Berlin. Recognizing the need for digitalization of a growing number of hydropower plants in Europe to ensure future competitiveness, the Forum assembled hydropower asset owners, decision-makers and stakeholders to discuss improving hydropower efficiency through digitalization, the integration of cyber-physical systems and more.

Member’s Meeting of the EE-ISAC, Athens/Greece

Guido Gluschke and Dymtro Cherkashyn of the ISS attended the 12th EE-ISAC Member’s Meeting in Athens from 26-28 November 2019. Main topics of the meeting were the activities of the Energy Community, critical infrastructure threat analysis and challenges posed to energy operators by the EU-Commission’s Directive on security of network and information systems (NISD).

Munich Security Conference Cyber Security Summit, Berlin/Germany

ISS Co-Director Guido Gluschke took part in the recent Cyber Security Summit of the Munich Security Conference on 24-25 November 2019 in Berlin. The Summit featured high-level participants from politics, international organizations, economy, academia and civil society to discuss the global competition on information technologies, resilience against cyberattacks and disinformation, along with geopolitical aspects of internet regulation.

2nd Joint Steering Committee Meeting of the ITU Centers of Excellence (CoE) Network for the Europe and CIS Region, Trieste/Italy

From 19-20 November 2019 the 2nd Joint Steering Committee Meeting of the ITU Centers of Excellence Network for the Europe and CIS Regions took place in Trieste. Organized by the ITU and hosted by the CoE International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), the meeting provided the CoEs with the opportunity to present their activities, exchange experience and knowledge and establish new collaborations, while giving an overview of the networks functioning. The ISS‘s Nuclear Security Scientist Dmytro Cherkashyn outlined the ISS‘s ITU-related activities and presented two new courses on Cybersecurity for 2020 in addition to the ones already accessible through the ITU.

Annual Gathering of the Centre for Cybersecurity, Geneva/Switzerland

Guido Gluschke attended the Annual Gathering of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity in Geneva on 12-13 November 2019. Over 150 experts and leaders in Cybersecurity and its related fields addressed topics such as strengthening cooperation for digital trust and security, securing future digital networks and technology, building skills and capabilities for the digital future under the Gathering’s slogan “Enabling Leadership for a Secure Digital Future”.

Workshop on Insider Threat Mitigation in the Nuclear Sector on Cyber Security, Kyiv/Ukraine

Guido Gluschke was a panelist at the Regional Workshop on Insider Threat Mitigation from 5-7 November 2019 which was hosted jointly by the US Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration (US DoE NNSA) and the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine. Following up on the International Insider Threat Mitigation Symposium in Brussels in March 2019, the workshop brought together experts on nuclear security from different countries and intended to raise awareness of the danger that insider threats pose to nuclear and radiological facilities in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region.

Roadshow Industrial Cybersecurity “Functional Security Meets Cyber Security”, Stuttgart/Germany

Dmytro Cherkashyn attended the Roadshow Industrial Cybersecurity „Functional Security meets Cyber Security” – organized by TÜV Rheinland – at its stop in Stuttgart on 6 November 2019. The event encompassed pro-active and reactive measures against cyber threats like detection and defense of cyberattacks, based on the IEC 61508 and IEC 62443 industrial security standards. In addition to the exchange of knowledge, the organizers presented best practices and live-hack demonstrations aiming to enhance the Cybersecurity capabilities of stakeholders.