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Cyberspace is a constantly evolving domain in which operating securely means constantly adapting to changes in technology. This need for agility and expertise has created a global demand for skilled cyber security personnel that helps organisations navigate the dangers of the cyber world.

To address this challenge, the Institute for Security and Safety (ISS) at the Brandenburg University for Applied Sciences has made it its mission to offer engaging and sophisticated capacity building formats in order to contribute to a safer cyberspace.

Today, the ISS Capacity Building Center (ICBC) is the ISS’ primary Capacity Building platform. It offers the full range of the ISS’ expertise in teaching cybersecurity:

      • Individual courses for personal professional development in various formats
      • Customized employee training programs for organisations and enterprises
      • train-the-professional and train-the-trainer programs
      • sector-specific capacity building programs, e.g., for Automotive, Industry and Engineering.
      • Hardware-supported Cybersecurity Exercises with Cyber Range
      • Academic programs and courses that adhere to university standards
      • 3D Virtual Reality Training Environments
      • Lab support
  • …and more

Visit the ISS Capacity Building Center (ICBC) to find out more about how the ISS can support you or your organisation in securing your space in cyber.

The ISS Capacity Building Center (ICBC)


Visit the ICBC-Website to find courses, training programs and other capacity building formats:

Key Topics

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The Institute for Security and Safety (ISS) addresses a range of key topics in its work:

Master in Nuclear Security (MiNS)

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